Sex Toys!? Why do we need THEM...?

Sex Toys!? Why do we need THEM...?

Ok...lets start off by saying SeX ToyS are GOOD. HaHa. I mean really the oldest known sex toy dated back 28,000 years ago (phallus found in Germany). Have you ever watched the jaw dropping series Spartacus or more recently Game of Thrones, these historical series are accurate depictions of the sexual premise of the times. Another thing, sex toys, bedroom enhancers, can't be that bad if the industry that sells them ranks in billions annually. 

So what why do we Need them in our Life?

  • Sex toys are not just for single and lonely people. Toys are not to replace your partner or stops you from having sex. Bedroom enhancers make it easy to release stress, gets your blood pumping, and makes it interesting if your sharing this experience with a partner. 
  • Some women really "need" them. It's scientifically proven that most women take longer to reach an orgasm them men. Much less, same sex couples may want to add some extra gear to their sex life to keep the party going.
  • Makes it easier to talk about SEX. Despite the fact that people may have a wild sex life or be as quite as a librarian, most adults want to keep their private life low key. So how can you get your partner to know what you want without having to give too many verbal instructions. Don't worry! Toys got you covered.
  • Breaking the monotony. Lets' face it. There's only so many sex positions you can do much less if your still physically able to do those back breaking positions. So if you throw in a whip here or a vibrator there it keeps your SEX LIFE FRESH.

Overall, remember don't look down on toys if you've never tried it nor should you stop exploring what makes your Body tick. 

-Kinky Confessions






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